Hello [wpgetpersonal]

After 2 years of contracting for MiX Telematics, it’s time to say goodbye.  I was sent to help the BI Team with the time zones project, and then moved to the Config Team where I worked on the Dynamic CAN project.  I also worked with the Engineering Team for a while.

During my time here, everyone was super helpful.  As a contractor I’ve seen many working environments, and I just want to complement MiX on the enjoyable environment they have created.

I learned a few things at MiX:

  • Porsche drives a Volkswagen
  • Visual Studio 2008 is so “last year”
  • FM stands for Fleet Management
  • Sometimes staff leave and come back within a few months
  • Sometimes they keep their parking bays
  • ETL’s can run hourly
  • There are 127 time zones, not 24
  • Stored Procedures can be debugged
  • If you survived “time zones”, you can survive anything
  • “Will, the owner of this vehicle” always parks in other people’s bays
  • When designing a UI, always follow a label with a colon
  • BA approval’s got nothing to do with the A-Team
  • Herbie loves javascript (not!)
  • Paul’s not serious
  • Gordon will be the next President soon, and then our biggest problem will be the price of Jelly Tots.
  • dynamix_is_awesome
  • [wpgetpersonal]_is_awesome
  • A bug can disconnect mobile units

[wpgetpersonal], it was wonderful working with you, but now my people need me at DVT.  I hope to serve as a bridge between MiX and DVT for future projects, so that I can work with you again – onsite or offsite.

If you ever need to get hold of me, use my contact details below.  Don’t be a stranger.