What a neat profiler – Stackify Prefix

When I run code, I always want accurate metrics.  I find that I can’t improve what I cannot measure.

But it’s quite hard to debug code that transcends several code bases at once.  Perhaps you have a data provider, an API, an API client and also a UI.  While it is possible to debug them all at once in Visual Studio, there is a much better way.

Enter Stackify Prefix!

As the name suggests, Prefix enables you to “pre fix” issues before they’re shipped.

It gives you a more complete perspective on what’s happening across the code bases on your development machine while running your code.

How does it work?  Prefix enables machine wide traces and reports on these in a browser window.  Everything is async, so performance is great.

You can use it to identify non-performant SQL queries, REST calls, or just general timings.  I even analyse it when I run Unit Tests.

The Prefix output is from the tests below.

Supported traces: http://support.stackify.com/hc/en-us/articles/205585465-What-NET-Frameworks-are-Supported-

Download: http://stackify.com/prefix

I ran into a small issue while installing.  After the installation, Prefix did not pick up my IIS traces.  I had to run these commands as administrator.

Prefix opened my eyes to what’s really going on in code.

I hope you also enjoy your new code insights.