Finding ConEmu

I love automating CI tasks with cmd or Powershell scripts, so that I get predictable results with every build or release.

But sometimes the Windows cmd terminal doesn’t feel like a 2017 app. Highlight, copy and paste are basic requirements for a modern application.  Grouping several cmd windows in tabs would be great too.

And then I found ConEmu!

ConEmu is not a shell.  It is an advanced console window where you can run any shell of your choice.  So it runs the underlying cmd, Powershell or even bash, but adds the missing GUI features.  Ctrl-Mousewheel even adds zoom functionality!

Let’s go for a test drive.

Open ConEmu and there you have the most attractive cmd command prompt you’ve ever seen.

Type “dir” to get a directory listing.

But wait!  Add a Powershell terminal while you’re at it.

Type “dir” to get a directory listing

I’m on Windows 10 Anniversary Edition with the Ubuntu Linux subsystem installed.  So let’s also open a Bash prompt!

Type “ls” to get a directory listing.

And there you have it: Shell heaven!

Head over to for more info.

Warning:  Discovering ConEmu may lead to acute “shell” shock.